define, edit an display tables with

ACF Table Field Add-onfor WordPress Developers

The ACF Table Field Add-on (a WordPress Plugin) enhances the functionality of the WordPress plugin “Advanced Custom Fields” (free and pro) with a new field type that allows to define, edit and display tables on a website.

shows the table in edit mode
$table_data = get_field('acf_field_name');
echo get_table( $table_data );
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When editing data tables, the table field becomes useful where the ACF repeater field reaches its limits.

Functionality Free Pro
Pre-definable table no yes
Pre-definable table editing functionalities no yes
Pre-definable minimum and maximum amount of rows and columns no yes
Pre-definable style choices for the table and all parts of the table Adds definable custom CSS classes to the table elements. no yes
Custom column widths for the edditing table Can be predefined and disabled for editing. no yes
Table caption yes yes
Table head yes yes
Table foot no yes
Stub column no yes
Moving rows and columns yes yes
Table cell content types (simple text or configurable WordPress editor) no yes
Rowspan and colspan no yes
Automatic plugin updates yes yes
Support for third-party plugins (for example multilingual plugins) no yes
Support for REST-API (since v1.2.0) yes yes
Compatibility with the other plugin variant (since v1.2.0) (You can switch the fieldtype "Table" of the free version to "Table Pro" but not yet back to "Table".) no yes

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Field Settings

the ACF field type selection with selected table pro

The table can be fully predefined in the field settings by editing the default table. Minimum and maximum number of columns and rows can be determined. You can optional disable all aspects of the editing functionalities for the table, thead, tbody, tfoot, specific columns, rows and cells.

- scroll image for all settings -


This plugin is an Add-on to the plugin Advanced Custom Fields and doesn't work on its own!

You can change an existing field
with field type "Table" (free version) to field type "Table Pro".

  • Single Site

    Includes a license key with
    1 activation for a single site.

    49 € / year

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  • Project

    Includes a license key with 3 activations, one each for local, staging and production site.

    79 € / year

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Free version

Try the free table field version at

The free version is its own field type and can be installed parallel to the pro version.

What´s Next?

  • Full documentation with guides
  • Integrated table field shortcode
  • PHP and JavaScript table data editing tools
  • Support for more languages
  • Licences with more activations
  • Developer API for extending field functionalities
  • More content editing types

Table editing is a wide field. There is so much more to add.

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The ACF Table Field Add-on plugin was developed for personal use in September 2014 and found its way into the WordPress plugin repository in January 2015. It became somehow useful for many developers, but not useful enough. The requested functionality exceeded my capacity for a free plugin. Development of the Pro version started at the beginning of 2017. But it wasn't until May 2024 that it could finally be published.

Thanks, Johann